O-I-C Business Integration

What we stand for
We believe that integrity and integration are interdependent. This means that learning should lead to new or better support systems and structures which enable the individual to make promises with growing confidence, knowing that it is possible to keep them.

The best learning takes place when you're actually doing the work and making the right mistakes.

What we do
We provide a gateway to the kind of Project Management learning that serves personal and organisational strategies. We guide you towards asking the relevant questions.

How we do it
Recommendations are made based on an individual or organisation's goals and strengths. Appropriate, relevant training or tutoring is then provided to make the best possible contribution towards the attainment of those goals within the confines of time and money. This may take the form of a practical rapid-results workshop, consultative tutoring or a customised in-house course followed by ongoing support during implementation.

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